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Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare – Service.

Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare – Service.

Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare –BestBasic.

Professional maintenance. Meeting maximum quality standards.

Regular, correct checks of paramount vehicle parts and functions safeguard the performance and reliability of your van. Service protects from unnecessary repair costs and thus guarantees minimum, foreseeable downtime. Service that meets Mercedes-Benz specifications also perfectly makes sure your vehicle's value is preserved and your Mercedes-Benz vehicle's resale value is increased.

Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare BestBasic at a glance:

Services offered

Regular vehicle service that meets Mercedes-Benz quality including Genuine Parts and Genuine Oils


Vehicle must be less than 12 months and less than 20 000km



The following BestBasic and Complete Top Up options are available. 


3 years/120 000kms                                        4 years/100 000kms               

5 years/100 000kms                                        5 years/150 000kms   

5 years/175 000kms                                        6 years/100 000kms               

6 years/200 000kms                                        6 years/300 000kms               

7 years/100 000kms                                        7 years/350 000kms   

8 years/200 000kms                                        10 years/300 000kms 



The following BestBasic and Complete Top Up options are available. 

2 year/ 120 000km                                          2 year/200 000km

2 year/ 300 000km                                          3 year/ 120 000km

3 year/ 210 000km                                          4 year/ 160 000km

4 year/ 240 000km                                          5 year/ 100 000km

5 year/ 150 000km                                          5 year/ 200 000km

5 year/ 300 000km                                          6 year/ 240 000km

7 year/ 350 000km                                          8 year/ 400 000km