The Sprinter 5.5T panel van, now with increased payload

The math is simple. When you can carry more, you can do more, and you can make more money. That’s why the Sprinter 5.5T panel van now comes with an additional half a ton 5-ton payload. 

Yes, that’s right! The Sprinter now offers the payload of a light-duty truck with all the convenience and driving dynamics of a van. With standard safety features such as an Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), Automatic Brake Pressure Increase (ABI) and Crosswind Assist and it’s guaranteed that your larger-than-normal load of tools, equipment or packages will arrive at their destination, safely.

When you factor in a 5-year/105 000km service plan (with service intervals of up to 35 000km), you’ll realise that more time spent on the road focusing on your core business and less time spent servicing your Sprinter makes good business sense.

So give your business a 5.5-ton advantage by contacting your nearest Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle dealer.

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