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Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

Why Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

Who better to Finance and Insure your vehicle than the people who built it.

Whether you own one commercial vehicle or a fleet, having the right financial partner by your side is critical. That’s why Mercedes-Benz Finance and *Insurance, is dedicated to providing flexible terms and financing options that are every bit as attractive as your Mercedes-Benz. Powerup your finance solutions with Mercedes-Benz value chain, working in harmony to convoy you to financial success.

FlexiFix Lease Agreement.

Attaining Flexibility With Risk-Free Mobility. In an effort to manage rising expenses and stretch budgets, customers often choose to use fixed-rate financing as a means to curb anticipated interest rate hikes.

How does FlexiFix work?

You make fixed payments for the duration of the term; only the last payment is variable. Using a 60-month contract as an example, the product works as follows:

  • FlexiFix guarantees you 59 equal monthly repayments.
  • The 60th payment would be variable, that is, any change in interest rate would reflect only in the 60th payment.

Therefore, interest rate increases are absorbed by the last payment without affecting the fixed monthly payment.

  • The agreement is structured with a 10% balloon on total invoice amount.
  • Should there be an interest rate decrease, an automatic decrease in the last payment would take place. Once again, the fixed monthly payments would be unaffected.


  • Fixed capped monthly repayments (until the penultimate instalment)
  • More effective budgeting
  • Less concern about the immediate impact of interest rate increases
  • Provides certainty and payment guarantee to customers
  • Should the customer wish to refinance the last payment, MBFS can assist by refinancing this amount for a new term in a new agreement
  • Unlike fixed-rate contracts, FlexiFix enables the customer to benefit from interest rate decreases, with an automatic decrease in the last payment amount. Once again, the fixed monthly payments would be

Value Chain Lease Agreement.

Do you know the total cost of ownership of your truck? No need to plough into your savings. We set the benchmark in transforming the way you do business.

Our Commitment:

  • MBFS: We commit to lower monthly repayments. And who better to best finance your truck than the people who manufactured it!
  • TruckStore: We commit to provide used trucks/vans that you can trust, in a fair and transparent manner.
  • CharterWay: We commit to guaranteed mobility with our market-leading maintenance packages.
  • FleetBoard: We commit to ensuring you always know where and how your truck is performing.
  • After-Sales: We commit to providing the best parts for
    your truck at all times.


Choices Lease Agreement.

With a reduced monthly repayment, Choices is an innovative finance plan that makes you the kingpin. It brings improved cashflow and vehicle replacement cycles together through the luxury of choice.

On-balance sheet finance; finance charges and depreciation are deductable from income tax (subject to customer profile) and increased balance sheet asset value.


  • Lower monthly repayments
  • Assistance with cashflow
  • Regular vehicle replacement cycles
  • MBFS reduces you monthly repayments and provides you with options when it comes to the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) to choose what you want to do with the vehicle, i.e. take ownership or replace it.

Operating Lease Agreement.

This rental package is specially designed for the customer who would like to pay for the use of a vehicle, rather than ownership.

Off-balance sheet finance (confirm with your auditor): VAT claimable and payable monthly (not capitalised up front) and rental fully tax deductable as an operating expense.


  • Capital expense eliminated and cash flow improved
  • No vehicle disposal risk
  • Option to drive a new vehicle more often
  • Reduced monthly payment.

Instalment Sales Agreement/Finance Lease Agreement.

The Instalment Sales Agreement/Finance Lease is the traditional way of financing your vehicle of choice. There are no surprises, only predictable and regular monthly instalments paid over an agreed time period.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ownership (final payment), no end-of-agreement
  • On-balance sheet finance
  • Finance charges and depreciation are deductible from income tax (subject to customer profile).

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MBFS product suite guide video-Vans

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers flexibility through our various finance product offerings. Whether you are looking for a Vito for your business requirements, or a Sprinter or V-Class to accommodate your people carrier needs, we have the appropriate finance package for you.

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