Mercedes-Benz Telligent® technology

Effortless gear changes – the Telligent® gearshift


Telligent® is a complete package of systems covering all aspects of operation in the new Actros. Intelligent systems monitor and regulate the vehicle functions, giving drivers a safer, smoother ride and prolonging the life of the vehicle and parts.

The Telligent® Maintenance system is an intergrated vehicle diagnostics and service system. It continously registers all relevant operating status states and from these determines the state of the equipment and wear parts. Whether it's the engine oil change, brake lining wear or coolant level, it monitors all maintenance functions and displays them in the driver information display. The intergrated diagnosis system allows faults that occur to be detected quickly and localized speedily. Information about neccessary maintenance work can be called up at any time.

*Please note that this is an international gallery. Vehicle specifications may vary from the South African market. Alternatively, visit any Mercedes-Benz dealership