The Actros cabs

Equipped for every eventuality

100 percent Proof

Field operations are the acid test of a cab’s real capabilities. So we steered clear of any compromise in engineering and design. Hundreds of professional drivers virtually co-designed these cabs through their suggestions. The result: up to 40% more interior space, well-arranged and ergonomic design, comfort in abundance. After all, the cabs are workplace and living room all rolled into one – sometimes for days on end.

One of the most comfortable workplaces on our roads

The Actros gives drivers a well-conceived and ergonomically designed workplace with a host of meaningful and practical luxuries.

The highlights in brief:

  • one of the biggest cabs
  • plenty of stowage space
  • a steeper front windscreen for greater freedom of movement
  • air suspension seats, anatomically shaped and infinitely adjustable, with integrated three-point seat belts
  • steering wheel with adjustable height and inclination
  • powerful heating and ventilation system doors which open to a wide angle of over 90 degrees, easy and safe access
  • pull-out bunk

There's no place like home

A wide variety of intelligent details in the Actros cabs ease the strain of long-distance haulage work:

  • a bunk with three individual folding sections that can be extended in width from 60 to 75 cm.
  • During the journey it makes space for the driver’s seat, and at night the full 75 centimetres guarantee a refreshing sleep
  • 3 large storage compartments with a capacity of 336 litres
  • electronic sliding roof
  • powerful heating and ventilation system with a four-speed blower, air recirculation, and pollen filter

Every cab tells a story

In South Africa, two cab options are available for the Actros.

The Premium Sleeper cab is the standard option for long-distance work – with plenty of space and lots of stowage room. Two low-roof versions are available for special transport assignments.

Width: 2490 mm
Length: 2200 mm
Interior height: 1920 mm
- with low roof: 1560 mm

The medium-length version for short- and medium-haul assignments is fitted with a bunk as standard (except for construction vehicles).

Width: 2490 mm
Length: 1950 mm
Interior height: 1560 mm

*Please note that this is an international gallery. Vehicle specifications may vary from the South African market. Alternatively, visit any Mercedes-Benz dealership