OF 1726


OF 1726 (now available with automatic gearbox as an option)

The OF 1726 city bus chassis is a 65-seater commuter, ideally suited for the National Department of Transport tender contract system. It is a robust bus chassis built to meet the harsh operating conditions encountered in the South African rural areas.

The OM 906 LA turbo cooler engine produces 160kW at 2 300 revolution per minute. This engine has already been proven for its economy, ruggedness and durability. As with every product of this make, efficiency and profitability to the fleet owners and safety and comfort for the passengers comes can be guaranteed.

The bus chassis is equipped with Top Brake, an exclusive engine brake system of Mercedes-Benz. Used on the conventional engine brake, the Top brake ensures reduced gear shifting, higher than average downhill speed; this provides more safety and longer life of the brake linings and tyres.

OF 1726 bus chassis represents yet another Mercedes-Benz technological success. OF 1726 offers the following advantages.


    • Service brake fitted with Air Processing Unit (APU), makes the system drier and cleaner, without exposure to contamination, increasing durability and reliability remarkably in braking efficiency.
    • Small size electrical main switchboard with "blade" type fuses as commonly used in passenger car thus facilitating maintenance.
    • A 6-gear overdrive that reduces the engine Rev Per Minute (RPM) at the top end, thus improving fuel consumption.
    • Servocom power steering. Coupled to the transfer box, results in improved comfort, driveability and easy maintenance.
    • New generation Dana SLP 14000 Nm 3 pieces propeller shaft with lubricating grease nipples, enabling increased service life and reducing the need for daily maintenance.

    The OF 1726 bus chassis is available through the DCSA Commercial Vehicle dealership network.


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