O 500 U 1826


Compressed natural gas is mixed with the intake air
Diesel is the ignition source and used in the start up
Gas replaces diesel with a 50 – 70% substitution rate

In dual fuel mode, natural gas is introduced into the engine’s intake system. The air-to-natural gas mixture is then drawn into the cylinder, just as it would be in a spark-ignited engine, but with a leaner air-to-fuel ratio. Near the end of the compression stroke, diesel fuel is injected and ignites, causing the natural gas to burn.
A dual fuel engine can operate on 100 percent diesel fuel or the substitution mixture of diesel and natural gas, delivering the same power density, torque curve and transient response as the base diesel engine


  • Diesel is one of the greatest contributors to the total cost of operation. The gas availability expansion and abundance of natural gas in some areas of the southern Africa provides a cost advantage.
  • Substitution rates based on operating conditions seamlessly and automatically changes between diesel fuel and dual fuel modes. The ability to operate on 100 percent diesel or dual fuel modes provides flexibility based on local availability of natural gas.