Telligent® Maintenance

Telligent® Maintenance

All Actros models sold with a CharterWay® contract will qualify to operate on this new maintenance package that will allow the vehicle to determine service intervals using the Telligent® Maintenance system. This ensures optimum utilization of operating fluids and service parts without risk to the service life or reliability of the engine and driveline.

Qualifying Criteria for an Actros to Operate on Telligent® Maintenance:

  • Applicable to all Actros models in all Service Categories (1, 2 & 3).
  • Actros purchased with effect from 01st May 2014.
  • Actros must be purchased on a CharterWay® BestBasic or Complete contract.
  • The vehicle can only remain on Telligent® Maintenance Service while the CharterWay® contract is active.
  • The vehicle will return to fixed service intervals in the event of a cancellation of the CharterWay® contract.

Telligent Maintenance

View the Telligent Maintenance video.

Terms and Conditions:

The new CharterWay ® rates will only be available as from 01May 2014.

Vehicles purchased prior to May 2014 on a CharterWay® contract are eligible to be converted to a Telligent® Maintenance contract backdated to 01 January 2014.

For optimal results, we recommend that Telligent® Maintenance be used in conjunction with FleetBoard.

All Actros models without a CharterWay® contract will still be serviced on the fixed intervals depending on the vehicle’s service category.