Greater scope for investment: Mercedes-Benz Service Leasing

The perfect complete solution. Economical and safer

CharterWay Service Leasing offers tailored vehicle procurement and coverage to ensure operational readiness. Applies to individual attachments/mounted parts and includes all required coverage levels. CharterWay Service Leasing combines individual CharterWay Service products from Extend, BestBasic, Select and Complete with classic leasing to create attractive mobility services.


  • Vehicle leasing and service from a single source
  • Invoice auditing
  • Vehicle management

The benefits make themselves felt:

  • You get the vehicle you want
  • The capital required for the procurement of your fleet vehicles and to safeguard their operational readiness remains manageable.
  • Your company benefits from being relieved of all administrative tasks.
  • The combination of Service and Leasing components benefits you by allowing savings over individual purchase
  • If you wish, we can also take charge of the vehicle insurance and radio license fees
  • Additional protection: our ServiceLeasing products protect you automatically in the event of an accident with total loss or theft of your vehicle

Our leasing module is combined with the following requirement-oriented service products: