Have you guaranteed the future value of your vehicle?

Why Agility?

A practical example?

Agility offers you to have a lower monthly repayment due to a flexible deposit and a guaranteed future value, over a shorter period.      
Example: E 200 Elegance worth R550 000      
Monthly balance Contract period Deposit
Agility R7 500.02 36 Months 10%
Instalment R10 404.43 60 Months 10%
Instalment with a 20% Balloon R8 055.70 72 Months 10%

* This is solely for the purpose of demonstrating Agility in practice based upon the above specifications, and in no way reflecting an actual offer. The flexibility that Agility provides allows you to get a cost estimation based on your criteria, please contact your nearest Agilitised Dealership.

A minimum mileage will be 10 000 km/pa, with the option to increase up to 45 000 km/pa (1-4 years) that will adjust the GFV accordingly. 

Agility Benefits

  • Innovative ownership
  • Individualised finance solutions
  • The choice of a new car every 3 years
  • Highest guaranteed future value available, as Mercedes-Benz passenger cars has taken on this responsibility for you
  • Who better to Finance and Insure your vehicle than the people who built it
  • Flexible end of term options 

Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) is subject to vehicle maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, Fair Wear and Tear conditions and Kilometre Restrictions. Re-Order and/or Return features are subject to Fair Wear and Tear conditions and Kilometre Restrictions. A copy of the standards will be provided to you with your Agility Finance documents or, is available upon request. Agility Finance is restricted to approved customers of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services South Africa

Mercedes-Benz Finance and *Insurance, a division of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services South Africa (Pty.) Ltd., is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP Licence no. 18 604) and Credit Provider (NCR Licence no. NCRCP80). *Underwritten by either Regent Insurance Company (FSP Licence no. 25 511), Regent Life Assurance Company (FSP Licence no. 18 146) or Alexander Forbes Insurance Company (FSP Licence no. 30 414)

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